REGARDS is a series I photographed in Seattle, between 2011 and 2017. The recipe was the same for all. Find a promising setting with good light, assemble the tripod and my large format film camera, and then invite a passerby to stand for a photo.

The random nature of the encounters, and the fixed locale create an empty space that can be filled with the subject’s own personality and expectations. Time is also an important element. People get bored, even impatient, standing still for five or ten minutes while I meter, focus, insert the film, and finally take the shot. Maybe it gives them time to think about how they’d like to see themselves and be seen? Or maybe they forget themselves?

In spite of the relative anonymity and casualness of this exchange, one can see in the images some signs of a more formal relationship between the people, the camera, and myself. They have agreed to be photographed, and as such we have entered into a fleeting social contract. What continues to reward me is the infinite variety of human expressions that arise when they are given the time and place to do so.